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Jim Johnson bmwwxman at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 11:23:52 MST 2007

So what do you think, Paul?  I have a used ribcase from a 1970 Midget
in unknown condition. Do I put it on in place of the present tranny?
Or do I see how much longer the present tranny goes before it
"lunches"?  I'm thinking I can't do bad by putting the 70 in. Whats a
good way to flush one of these out?  Kerosene?


On 11/21/07, Paul Asgeirsson <PAsgeirsson at worldnet.att.net> wrote:
> Hi Bob,
> Noise is a relative thing and if this is just a bit noisy to you and me, it
> may seem positively silent to someone else.  But, I've taken many of these
> apart when there was all sorts of garbage like the grey swarf special here
> and they were not all that noisy.  In 4th gear, which is a lock up, nothing
> through the gears, it sometimes sounds like a new box!  Might be that they
> had gear oil in them that made them more quiet in the first 3 gears.
> The grey stuff is usually steel, but I've seen enough where the input or
> output shaft was spinning its bearing in the case and had been for so long,
> the case was toast.  Lots of grey aluminum, then!
> Pa
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> > "Grey-slime" = metallic particles.
> >
> > Of course, you're correct Paul.
> >
> > But wouldn't a box producing that much liquified swarf be noisey? I mean
> something pretty much has to be coming
> > apart in there to get lumps of this stuff?
> >
> > I'm asking in good
> > faith now 'cause I've never personally seen
> > "gray" in the oil of any of my gearboxi when drained, though I've seen a
> BIT of
> > swarf or metal bits on my mag. drain plugs of course.
> >
> > I am ass-u-ming one is changing gear box oil on a somewhat regular basis.

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