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Hi Bob,

Noise is a relative thing and if this is just a bit noisy to you and me, it
may seem positively silent to someone else.  But, I've taken many of these
apart when there was all sorts of garbage like the grey swarf special here
and they were not all that noisy.  In 4th gear, which is a lock up, nothing
through the gears, it sometimes sounds like a new box!  Might be that they
had gear oil in them that made them more quiet in the first 3 gears.

The grey stuff is usually steel, but I've seen enough where the input or
output shaft was spinning its bearing in the case and had been for so long,
the case was toast.  Lots of grey aluminum, then!


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> "Grey-slime" = metallic particles.
> Of course, you're correct Paul.
> But wouldn't a box producing that much liquified swarf be noisey? I mean
something pretty much has to be coming
> apart in there to get lumps of this stuff?
> I'm asking in good
> faith now 'cause I've never personally seen
> "gray" in the oil of any of my gearboxi when drained, though I've seen a
BIT of
> swarf or metal bits on my mag. drain plugs of course.
> I am ass-u-ming one is changing gear box oil on a somewhat regular basis.
> Cap'n. Bob      '60 :{)
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