[Spridgets] Does anybody mind if we just get back to Spridget talk?

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Wed Nov 21 07:32:18 MST 2007

Hi David,

It is too late.  Good suggestion though.  Every winter this occurs.  It usually gets uglier as winter drags on and then clears up around early spring when everyone starts to get their LBCs ready.  

It is still the best list to listen too!

Mike C

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>Jeez guys,
>  I hear this political banter all day at work and really would like to just have people talking about our toy cars here.  Find another place to rant about other things - It's none of my business who you vote for, neither is it yours who I support.  Vote for whoever you want, just make sure you vote.  THAT'S what it's all about.  
>  Here's my suggestion:
>  Go out to the garage, put on some music, take a calming breath or two, then finish up that project you've been putting off.  When you're done, tell us about it or ask us for help.  I just finished pulling, cleaning, painting, and reinstalling my radiator and shroud.  Did the same for the various coolant pipes and the overflow tank.  Then replaced all the hoses, thermostat, fan belt, etc. on my '71 Midget (ex Frank C).  It was very fun (and also frustrating at times), and a great way to NOT think about politics or the other worries of day-to-day issues.  
>  I had an issue at one point and contacted one of the forum members for suggestions.  It worked! THAT is what I joined this group for.  I can get this other garbage on any talk radio show in any city in America.  I also recently wanted a rollbar.  Where did I go?  Here.  Guess what, I met a great fellow enthusiast and bought one from him for a reasonable price.  Ta-da!  
>  Please don't turn this forum into another venomous place I need to avoid.  It's about fun in creaky old convertibles with wind in your hair (or at least on your head), remember?
>  Thanks,
>   - David

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