[Spridgets] Phrases only acceptable on Thanksgiving / No LBC / No Dumbass Politics

Mike Rambour mikey at b2systems.com
Tue Nov 20 21:45:12 MST 2007

  I have been guilty of posting Non-LBC things on this list several 
times myself so I have to walk a fine line here but politics is 
something I would never post because I am well aware that politics is 
the quickest way to totally piss off half the people on the list.

  Talking politics is a total waste of time since either the other 
person agrees with you OR you will never be able to convince him/her 
that he/she is wrong and you are right, no matter how much evidence 
you have to make your point, they will have exactly the same amount 
to prove theirs, so I find it a waste of time to post/read about 
politics on lists.

  Having said that, I also know where my delete key is, so post away 
if you feel the need.


p.s. as soon as my daughter gets to bed, you can bet I am reading 
these funny phrases to my wife, never seen them before and I like them.

Mike Rambour
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