[Spridgets] Twin Carbs Tip

Jim Juhas james.f.juhas at snet.net
Mon Nov 19 16:31:34 MST 2007

Isn't this the point of doing the routine carb synchronization with a 
Uni-syn or a rubber hose?  Or is this something different?

Bud Pazur wrote:

>I dont know if anyone else has experienced this problem, but for a while I
>have been aware that, on my twin SU HS2 carbs, the rear suction disc and
>needle does not rise near as much as the front disc/needle when I open the
>throttle. I traded chamber and disc locations, but doing that didnt affect
>this condition. I played with jet flats, measured jet depths, measured the
>needles, played with damper oil levels  no clues. The throttle linkage
>adjustment bolts were in line, but I decided to look at the throttle plates
>anyway. I found that the rear plate was not opening near a much as the front
>plate. After adjusting the linkage, I got both plates opening the same. The
>adjustment bolts are no longer perfectly aligned, but the disc/needles now
>rise the same amount. Must be due to slop slop somewhere in the linkage. I
>had to then readjust the jet flats. The engine seems to be running much
>better now. So, the bottom line is (for me at least), dont trust your visual
>on the linkage to assume that both plates are opening equally.
>Bud Pazur
>'60 Bugeye - Street Car - 1275cc - 'Mr. White'
>Race Spridget - 1275cc - 'SilverStreak'

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