[Spridgets] California fires

Robert Bruce Evans b-evans at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 18 12:47:22 MST 2007

Larry Daniels wrote:  "Buster, is it true that when George Bush got there
for the last fires, with the look of concern on his face for the photo-op,
he asked Ahnold if they 
could make some smores?"

Now, how would I, of all people, know that?  I quit subscribing to
newspapers and quit watching TV after my near-death experience two years
ago.  I just do my own research.  Why bother reading the current media? 
These days the media simply run the same stories over and over, just change
the names depending on their whim or current fashion.  Whether printed or
over the airwaves, it ain't *journalism" no more!  Hmmm.  Good idea for a
book:  When did journalism die?  I would say with Woodward and Bernstein. 
(Anyone want to buy a goo 35 inch TV?  Only used about a month, and not
turned on in the last two years.  Well, except for the grandkids DVDs once
in a great while.)

Just an old line hack from the days of hot type

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