[Spridgets] Irony

Jim Johnson bmwwxman at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 09:12:41 MST 2007

No irony intended, RB.  Ed was correct and I had forgotten this fact
and was therefore in the wrong. I'm not the Fonz.  I can admit when I
make mistakes.  Ed can be a PITA, but he can also be helpful from time
to time. The trick is to know the difference between the two!

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On 11/18/07, RampantNM at aol.com <RampantNM at aol.com> wrote:
> In a message dated 11/16/2007 11:53:53 P.M. Mountain Standard Time,
> spridgets-request at autox.team.net writes:
> I think  the list is no longer using the Majordomo
> set-up/software/whatever. Ping Ed  Kaler. He knows the score...
> Anybody but me see this dripping with irony????????

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