[Spridgets] SPAM- Congratulations to you in Wisconsin

Robert Bruce Evans b-evans at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 18 01:28:09 MST 2007

Herby wrote:  "This is really of no significance but in my crude
observation 90% of Californians don't even use turn signals. I truly think
it's a California delete option!!! Or maybe Beemers, MB's, Land Rovers and
Lexii (is that plural?) don't come with them! My observation is only NorCal
but BZ, Buster, Mike M., what say?!

Until about the mid or late 1970's in California,  the indication of a
planned turn or lange change was only required if another car was within
200 feet.  After the change, a turn or lane change required either a hand
signal or a turn signal at least 100 feet before taking the action.

Of course the problem with a right-hand drive LEC was the requirement that
any hand signal be made out of the *left* driver's window!  Which means you
gotta Plastic Man or Paul A.


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