[Spridgets] Congratulations to you in Wisconsin

Chris Manuel cmanuel at wi.rr.com
Sat Nov 17 21:07:16 MST 2007

Yeah I've been in your area too many times.  True, south of the Kenowhere
line things are radically different, but trust me, its not a rush minute
like it used to be up here.

Fortunately I have an advantage where I live and I can see if traffic
helicopters are hovering before I hit the expressway.

Rushmintute...I've driven so slow through the Mayfair area that my laptop 
stumbles on wireless networks.  No I don't drive with it, but I leave it on
in my case and it sends an audible alert.

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> My Sprite isn't registered yet, so does this count anyway?

Sorry, Chris, but Milwaukee's "rush minute" doesn't really count.
You might notice on the list that densely populated congested 
urban areas tend to drag states towards the bottom of the list. 

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