[Spridgets] What is still there? Now BOC, BofA and all of them

Robert Bruce Evans b-evans at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 17 10:56:07 MST 2007

Larry Daniels wrote:  ..."have you made up your mind if you are coming to
SOS or not?"

Alas, no.  Euphemistically speaking, we have had a "change in plans", and
will be taking our grandson to Thanksgiving dinner, and entertaining him
through the weekend.  Actually, to be downright honest, I would rather see
him than a bunch of......well, I won't go into that, for there is NO
appropriate euphemism.  And, by going where it will be only in the 40's to
high 20's, I won't have to buy any long pants and foul weather shoes.   But
I will be thinking about you and not fondly at all of  the miserable snow.  


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