[Spridgets] What is still there? Now BOC, BofA and all of them

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Larry Daniels   "I'll bet their customer service center is in New Delhi
just like my "American" Express."

It is, but believe me, it is far worse than AMEX.  At least with them you
can ask a "native English speaker" and get somewhere.  Oh, and Earthlink?
They have absolutely NO way of providing you with a U.S. office or English
speaker.  I have been trying for six months.  It is refreshing, however, to
see that some American companies have felt the backlash and are bringing
their customer service lines back to this country!

"It's funny how, when you are a prospective customer, these companies can
find a friendly person here in this country with perfect English to help
you out..."

Not at my local branch of Bank of America where literally everyone is a
Spanish speaker, and most with just a smattering of English capability.  I
will leave only an account for existing direct deposits as a transfer point
and the convenience of the drive-through ATM!  (Yeah, I am an American, and
our English guests just shake their head in wonderment!

Now, if there are any illegals or Spanish as a First Language Speakers on
this list who live in the U.S. and feel offended, well, tough snot!  Get
used to it, because this will probably be the #1 issue in the coming
election.  (Iraq?  Naw, the invasion is *here*.)



Will we all get grumpy as hell when we get to be Buster's age?

Hey, you old coot, have you made up your mind if you are coming to SOS or 


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