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Larry Macy lmacy at phillymgclub.com
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A number of years ago, when I left my key at the bottom of the  
Atlantic, I could not get a blank. Remember this is a different key  
than any of them dumb older cars.

So I took the lock apart (you have to drill out the 2 screws that hold  
it in - anti theft device) and took out the tumblers. You could start  
it with a screwdriver. At the time, no one was making locks for the  
1500 either. Then o and behold, some one started making new locks for  
the 1500, so I got's me one. I am pretty sure the number is on the  
lock, but it is not easy to find. I think it is behind the little  
chrome cover on the cylinder where the key fits in..

Take the shroud off and drill out the 2 screws and it kind just lifts  
off.  Once you have it out, there is a little lock screw that holds  
the actual cylinder in place.


On Nov 16, 2007, at 10:45 PM, Jack Laird wrote:

> Number is on the lock I beleive, I have a place that will make you  
> keys from
> that.
> http://www.triple-c.com/Austin_Healey_Keys.cfm
> Worked for me.
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>> Is the number on the lock?  I'm not sure how timely that would be.
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>>> why not just get the number off the lock and order a key?
>>> Robert Duquette <robertduquette at sympatico.ca> wrote:  Can anyone  
>>> help this
>>> MG owner in distress? He lost his keys and it's time
>>> up here to tuck our spridgets away in enclosures. He's looking to  
>>> remove
>>> the ignition cylinder so that he can bring it to a locksmith.
>>> RD
>>>> Subject: Fw: Help With An MG Midget
>>>>> Contact Jack directly at: hughesj at rogers.com
>>>>>> Hi:
>>>>>> I lost the keys to the Midget.
>>>>>> I may kill myself.
>>>>>> Or perhaps you know about Midgets and how to get the &^$&&$87
>>>>>> ignition lock out so I can get it re-keyed? Or perhaps you know
>>>>>> someone else who does? It's a 1500 with the safety BS, like a
>>>>>> collapsible steering column.... I think I might have collapsed  
>>>>>> it.
>>>>>> Thank you, even if you don't want to get into this.
>>>>>> Jack
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