[Spridgets] SOS '07 Spridget death row

Larry Daniels ladaniels at sbcglobal.net
Fri Nov 16 13:02:29 MST 2007

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Larry hasn't been to the hospital in a any Dream Farm/Team Thicko related
accident in '07, so I'm thinkin' he's lacin' up the biker boots, donnin' his
leathers and his skull cap and goin' for it.


My last trip to the ER due to the "Curse of the Dream Farm" was exactly one 
year ago today when I tore the Achilles off my heel.  The ER doc recognized 
me when I walked (well, kinda shuffled) in -- he even smiled and said hi.

Since I sold my bike, I'll have to crash your Harley into the coon crap.


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