[Spridgets] SOS '07 T minus 1 week

Wm. Severin Thompson wsthompson at thicko.com
Fri Nov 16 05:00:06 MST 2007

Hey y'all,


We're one week away from SOS '07. Preparation at the Team Thicko
International Headquarters continues.


Larry Daniels was over yesterday, and I believe he was shocked at how much
work has taken place in organizing the shop. I found a local British car
owner ('69 Spitfire, and a Leyland tractor.. hah!) that owns a sandblasting
business. I took Larry's Bugeye over there (not "Bob, the Beast of Bondo",
but his other one) Although LD had started the job sandblasting job in my
driveway, this guy managed to finish the whole car in 1.5 hours for $150. We
could have had another 16 hours in the job at the rate we were going. At SOS
we'll get that body tub up on the rotisserie, and begin to cut out and weld
in patch panels. This will be good experience for those of you looking to


If you're looking to contribute to the food & drink, let me know. (Ya never
can have enough interesting beer, ya dig?)



Wm. Severin Thompson


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