[Spridgets] Was Traffic Circles Now Signs

Paul Herder p.herder at cox.net
Thu Nov 15 11:26:00 MST 2007

My favorite sign was "Slow Church Crossing" on one of the Air Bases I was
stationed at.

In the 4 years I was there, I never did see the Church move ...



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Subject: [Spridgets] Traffic Circles

There are a few around LA (the REAL LA, Louisiana), one in NO and one
in Alexandria that I know of.  They are not too bad.
The problem is the people that can't drive worth a hoot.  Those people
cause the trouble on the traffic circles.  But, it is the same people
that can't properly navigate a stop sign, a yield sign, a speed limit
sign, a double yellow line, etc.
They make signs for these people.
My favorite, most ridiculous signs are:
"Left Turn Yield On Green" Duh!
"Slow Children At Play" Why advertise if you have slow children?

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