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They work best at intermediate traffic volumes. Too much traffic and 
they snarl up with lots of stopping and starting.  But at the right 
traffic flows it is like finely choreographed dance! There is a lot of 
adjustment of speed, both of those already on the roundabout and those 
approaching, lane discipline is important so one can predict which 
route through the roundabout other drivers are taking. At good times 
there is also a lot of opportunity for courtesy between drivers to keep 
the whole system moving. 
Just counting, there are 7 in my local town, population about 35,000.
On a couple of occasions I have met cars coming the wrong way round, 
but no accidents resulted. 

I once also met a car coming the wrong way on a motorway. It was 
night, traffic was moving fast, 70 to 90mph and then there were 
headlights approaching in the "fast" lane.  Lots of braking and 
swerving but amazingly no serious accidents.  Turned out it was an 
elderly driver who had stoped at a service station, got confused and re-
entered the motorway on the wrong slip road.  She ended up travelling 
about 12 miles before the police turned up , boxed her in and forced 
her to a halt.


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>Billy Zoom wrote:  "We have one here."
>Two significant ones...one in Orange and one in Long Beach.
>"... but many people hesitate before entering the circle, which 
>traffic problems."
>Oh, but they are supposed to "hesitate", or yield to traffic on the 
>Otherwise they could be contact with cars negotiating to leave the
>roundabout at the oncoming exit.
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