[Spridgets] What is still there?--Now roundabouts!

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You are so right, Jim.  And that is just one of the reasons prescription
medications are so expensive.  If they have to pay billions to these
parasites, who do you think foots the bill in higher prices.  The consumer,
of course.  (Pharmaceuticals are simply not producing an ROI for
stockholders as high as so many other sectors, including computers,
software, or even the beleaguered airline industry!

Buster Evans 

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> Amen, Buster.
> Perfect example is the current case against Merck concerning Vioxx.
> Merck is settling out of court to the tune of $4.85 BILLION.  Members
> of the class will see something like $120K each while the law firm
> Parker Waichman Alonso Mark LLP will rake in many millions for each
> trial lawyer involved.
> Merck immediately took Vioxx off the market when research showed an
> increased risk of heart attack and stroke in those taking the maximum
> dosage. I know, I was one of them. (Also involved were Celebrex and
> Bextra shortly thereafter). Ostensibly these attorneys have saved us
> all from evil Merck out of the goodness of their hearts and at great
> personal sacrifice.
> It is so sad that the only thanks they will get for all their hard
> work and sacrifice to protect us all will be many millions each in
> their bank accounts, a mansion and a garage full of Ferraris...
> Poor souls...
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> On 11/15/07, Robert Bruce Evans <b-evans at earthlink.net> wrote:
> > David Riker wrote:  " I can't find it now but read that there is
actually a
> > class action lawsuit to ban traffic circles as they violate the
> > With Disabilities Act."
> >
> > But remember, there is a cadre of trial lawyers out there who make
> > mega-bucks just filing these extortionate lawsuits, then negotiating a
> > "settlement" that lines their pockets.  (Everyone has been a member of
> > "class", and are notified of the settlements.  Next time, take a close
> > at what the lawyers make compared to members of the "class" that has
> > supposedly been wronged").
> >
> > When it comes to the "rights" of those with disabilities, England makes
> > U.S.look like a piker with all of the safeguards they require.  And yet,
> > they don't seem to have any problem negotiating roundabouts.
> >
> > Buster Evans

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