[Spridgets] What is still there?

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Wed Nov 14 14:39:44 MST 2007

No radio in the car, huh?

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Whilst driving my Midget back to Chicagoland from Mobile, AL on Sunday I
thinking about Spridgets and started trying to come up with a list of
that are the same on my RWA Midget as they were on a Bugeye. I am not
talking about similar or interchangeable, I am talking identical... It
is a
very short list so far.

The engine is larger
The trans was changed
The front brakes went to disks
The rear brakes went to double-acting cylinders
The diff ratio is different as well as the semi-elliptic housing and the

hardened axles
Most of the exterior sheet metal has changed
Bumpers are different
Dash is different
Most of the instruments have changed as well as the switches
Seats have changed
Top has changed
Steering column and wheel are different
Wiring diagrams bear very little similarity to each other
Wheels are different
Front suspension is similar, but there are significant differences in
kingpins and a-arms

I suppose the wheel bearings and the rear brake shoes are pretty much

I guess that if I were trying to create a concours Bugeye, there would
be many parts of an RWA that I could use...
David Lieb
1972 RWA Midget

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