[Spridgets] What is still there?

Chris King cbking at alum.rpi.edu
Tue Nov 13 18:33:28 MST 2007

How about...
inner sills?
parts of the front inner wheel arches, toe board?
front chassis rails and crossmember
prop shaft
diff housing, axle banjo
rear drums?
Of course, the list gets even shorter with the 1500! :)

Chris King

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Nope to the rear brake shoes. Different ones for the double cylinder
the early ones! 

But you're right on the rear wheel bearings!!!! 


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> Whilst driving my Midget back to Chicagoland from Mobile, AL on Sunday
> thinking about Spridgets and started trying to come up with a list of 
> that are the same on my RWA Midget as they were on a Bugeye. I am not 
> talking about similar or interchangeable, I am talking identical... It
> very short list so far. 

> I suppose the wheel bearings and the rear brake shoes are pretty much
> same? 


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