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oldsaabguy oldsaabguy at comcast.net
Tue Nov 13 11:43:43 MST 2007

.. and don't forget, we can now invest in prop planes as attack

On Nov 13, 2007, at 11:02 AM, Robert Bruce Evans wrote:

> Paul Asgeirsson wrote:  " Don't worry, this won't work against our
> Spridgets or Morrises!!   http://tinyurl.com/3666jh ."
> Thank you for sharing that with us AND THE WORLD, Paul!  You have
> managed
> in one simple little post to increase the world-wide competition
> for and
> value of our cars.  No longer will the enthusiasts like Frank be
> able to
> pick up an old clunker Midget that barely runs and restore it to
> its former
> glory.  Oh, no, thanks to you, a bunch of swarthy foreign-looking
> strangers
> will evil-appearing eyes will be out there trying to find one of
> our cars
> that just runs in order to apply them to their nefarious deeds.
> And as
> they run out of these kind of cars, they must escalate their
> purchases of
> better and better cars until the last concours winning Sprite or
> Midget has
> been used as a vehicle to transport their weapons not only of old-
> fashioned
> C-4, but RDX, PETN, HMX, as well!
> Truly, Paul, all of mankind owes you something for your instruction of
> those who would destroy the Freedom and Liberty of all Peace-Loving
> Mankind
> who struggle to be free of the Tyranny of 
ariah Law!
> Be assured, they will NEVER gain possession of my beloved Sprite!
> IT will
> never be a threat to the humanity you put in peril, Paul!
> In the words of that Great Marine, "Shaaame, shaaame!"
> Buster Evans

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