[Spridgets] Light Bulbs

oldsaabguy oldsaabguy at comcast.net
Tue Nov 13 08:55:00 MST 2007

.. but you know the REAL answer right..  it *glows*..  they can 't  
even measure the lumens off those things because it's sooooo  
looowwwwww...  anyone could make a bulb that doesn't put out any  
light and make it last forever.  Hell I can make tires that will last  
forever too but they'll be made of depleted uranium and will handle  
like caca and cause you to sink to the hubs on an asphalt street if  
temps rise above 40 degrees..



.. and no, I don't have any depleted Uranium

On Nov 12, 2007, at 5:28 PM, Frank Clarici wrote:

> davriker at nwi.net wrote:
>> Incandesant bulb, 60 watt, 8 for $1.98 at Lowes.  Long life, 8 for  
>> $3.98.
> snip

> Ya know I have this Edison bulb in my front outside light, I have had
> this bulb since I was about 19 and in my first apartment, in fact,
> that's where I found it. It has been in various lamps and outside
> fixtures for over 30 years. It's older than I am, it may have been  
> used
> before I found it, it takes a second to come on and it glows orange.
> So if Thomas Edison made a bulb that lasted decades back in whenever,
> how come they can't, or will NOT make a bulb that lasts today?
> -- 
> Frank Clarici
> Toms River, NJ

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