[Spridgets] Mini Cooper S price question

David Woerpel dwoerpel at wi.net
Mon Nov 12 11:24:33 MST 2007

Brashear, Jack, N wrote:
> Hi to the many of you that own late Minis.  I have an opportunity to buy
> a 2006 S with just barely 10,000 miles from a lady in my building.  It
> has moon/sun/whatever roof option and all the other bells and whistles,
> 6-speed automatic with the steering wheel paddles.  Tires still look
> fine.  I drove this car when she bought it new and What A Great Ride it
> was!!  Anyway, she's asking $22.5k.  Is this too much money, just about
> right, or what?? Oh yes, she says she needs something a little bigger
> that will hold her bicycle.  Please help me out with this and many
> thanks.
> Jack

My 2005 S was ~24k with the sunroof, 6 speed manual, 16" wheels (17" 
runflats were a bit too harsh on our Wisconsin winter heaved roads), 
auto-temp, and a few other goodies.  I think the price is pretty fair 
but I also think she might come down a tad.  As Derf suggested, 
determine what she paid and use the rate of depreciation to figure what 
it's worth and if you like it offer her a bit more.  They are fun cars 
and almost give me my "Sprite" fix during winter months.

Good luck,
59 :{)
59 MGA 1500
05 MCS
Burlington WI

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