[Spridgets] SOS '07 anybody got a wrench?

Wm. Severin Thompson wsthompson at thicko.com
Sun Nov 11 07:22:21 MST 2007

Hey y'all,


Preparation continues for SOS '07 Idgets withSpridgets. I've got 4 toolboxes
populated so no one need wait on a tool to get something done. There are
multiple air connections throughout the shop, and we have lots of impacts
and air ratchets. If anyone has an extra Horrible Freight aluminum race jack
that you've got room  to bring, please toss it in the trunk. Also, maybe an
extra set of jackstands.


Kris Larsen is bringing his plasma cutter. With that, the torch, and a
couple of Sawzalls, we should be able to liberate the good bits from some
bad cars.


I'd recommend you bring some work gloves, and eye protection if you have it.
Also, remember to bring a change of clothes for Fri. night's dinner at a
place that serves local Wisco faire.


Wm. Severin Thompson


 <mailto:wsthompson at thicko.com> wsthompson at thicko.com

 <http://www.thicko.com/> www.thicko.com

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