[Spridgets] Celebrity Death Match Candidates

Dave G. dmg at bossig.com
Sat Nov 10 22:00:31 MST 2007

Sorry, I apologise... 
I'd forgotten how much fun I'd had in South Africa and Angola driving one 
of those on the twisty-twiney bits down-hill.  It cornered quite well on two 
wheels -- scared the cr*p out of my passenger   <BFG>

Who could we put in the Pinto vs Bluebird match?

On 10 Nov 2007 at 22:57, bushwacker4 at zoomtown.com wrote:

>> Richard Gere vs Rober Redford -- both in Fiat 500's
>> Ahh, come on... What do you have against the Fiat 500s? Put the tree
>> huggers in AMC Pacer station wagons!

Dave G, KK7SS
'65 MKIII Sprite, Richland, WA

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