[Spridgets] Fw: Fw: Navy Catch and Release Program

Robert E. Shlafer pilotrob at webtv.net
Sat Nov 10 08:01:51 MST 2007

Works for me you understand, but for the dumb effing elitest liberals out there, inclusive of the Hollyweirdos....

....have these people had their rights properly explained to them and been treated with utmost respect for their humanity?

Have they been represented properly by  attorneys and given a proper trial with
relevant appeal proceedings (all the foregoing at American worker tax-payer
expense of course).

If they've been effing around while held, do their kids get to stay according to the dumb
liberal interpretation of our "Anchor Baby"

And lastly, assuming all the foregoing has
been properly administrated by our effed
up government, can we have a little fun
and use the carrier's catapults to "send them" on their way in style?

Cap'n. Bob      '60 :{)

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