[Spridgets] oil cooler mounting

Jim Johnson bmwwxman at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 23:00:24 MST 2007

That reminds me...  Those coming to Lake of the Ozarks next June (and
I hope there will be many many of you making this the event of a
lifetime!)....   Osage Beach has a 4 lane running through it that is
often packed with traffic in June.  It gets hot in Missouri in June...
You will want to be sure that your car has the best possible cooling
system on it...
Jim - 68 Midget in Dodge City
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On 11/9/07, Dave Yealy <lbc at littlebitcountry.com> wrote:
> That is the same place I had mine mounted, it worked great.
> If your doing this so the engine runs cooler, forget the oil cooler
> and put in the Geo Metro radiator. The radiator is another one of
> Franks better ideas.  I also took off the four bladed fan and mounted
> an electric fan behind the radiator. With a 165 degree thermostat
> mine never goes over 185 even while sitting in traffic on 98 degree days.
> Dave
> At 09:38 PM 11/9/2007, you wrote:
> >Hal Faulkner wrote:
> > > Spridgeteers,
> > > Where do you folks (who have them --oil coolers that is) mount the darn
> > > things.  Especially on a Bugeye?
> >
> >When I had one on my Bugeye, I mounted it vertically on the side of the
> >radiator support sort of above where the horn goes.
> >
> >
> >--
> >Frank Clarici
> >Toms River, NJ

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