[Spridgets] Light Bulbs

Timothy H. Collins thcollin at mtu.edu
Fri Nov 9 08:49:00 MST 2007

I was buying those lamps too from Walmart. They came with a 5 year 
guarantee. After 1 year they began blinking. I was only using them in 
a living room lamp so no rough duty for them. I did however save the 
receipt and took them back. I put new curly bulbs in (saved the 
receipt.) They lasted 1 year and began blinking. Repeat, repeat, 
repeat. Free bulbs for life if you don't mind the inconvenience.

At 10:21 AM 11/9/2007, you wrote:
> > them curly bulbs
>I got an $8 curly bulb for the front porch light.
>It said "lasts five years" on the package. It lasted almost five months.

Tim Collins
1966 AH Sprite 

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