[Spridgets] Camshaft question

Grossac at aol.com Grossac at aol.com
Wed Nov 7 19:56:26 MST 2007

They are interchangeable as the cam journal sizes are the same.  A  quick 
check of my old sprite books shows that the stock 1275 has the same  grind as the 
stock 948 so that shouldn't change the performance or tuning  settings.  The 
differences are that the  948 has 3/8" wide lobes while  the 1275 has 1/2" (a 
good thing).  And, if memory serves, the 1275  doesn't have a lobe to drive 
the 948 fuel pump.  That can be solved  by fitting an electric pump if not 
already upgraded.  And, as Frank says,  you will have to match the oil pump drive, 
or get a new pump or adapter if it  doesn't.
Chris Gross
Vintage Bugeye racer

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