[Spridgets] If they can do this with Hyundais........

Larry Macy, Ph.D. lmacy at phillymgclub.com
Tue Nov 6 11:22:32 MST 2007

I agree, Get thee to a PA Rallye, or big drive with  Spridgets out the kazoo.

Now as for that drive that A Arm, welll, umm, errr not likely. I may
be crazy, but I am not fool hardy ;-) But then again, I did AutoX on
it before that 80 mph romp.


Quoting Frank Clarici <spritenut at comcast.net>:

> derf wrote:
>> http://www.flixxy.com/hyundai-driving-skills.htm
> Obviously you have never been to a Sprite meet, or Kevin's rally. :)
> There is mass drives, and I especially enjoy the "spirited drives"
> some of us do without the organizers knowledge ;)
> Hey Macy, would you have done what we did that night at SS03 if you had
> known your A arm was busted? But we did have a blast!
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> Frank Clarici
> Toms River, NJ
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