[Spridgets] Puzzler

Peter C peter at nosimport.com
Tue Nov 6 07:37:34 MST 2007

At 10:45 PM 11/5/2007, James E. Pickard wrote:

>I had everything electrical working in the Bugeye, but apparently I've messed
>something while cleaning the bonnet connections or re-installing the
>temp/pressure gauge.  Everything works except the running lights and
>headlights.  I've blown the fuse,

Maybe you blew the wrong one? Try the other one.

>  but what is really curious is when I turn
>the running lights one, the engine quits!  Turn them off, and the engine will
>fire right back up.  Turning the running lights on is equivalent to turning
>the key off.  Any suggestions?

Sorry about that.... couldn't resist.

Probably just a connection at the ignition switch. I would revisit 
that, even though it's a PITA to remove. Also, try holding the key 
while turning the knob. Sometimes the lighting bit "drags" the ignition bit.

Forgive me.

Peter C.


>  Could my new ignition switch already have gone
>bad?  Or have I just crossed wires somewhere?
>Jim Pickard

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