[Spridgets] [9issa] Older than dirt....and no wiser!

Robert Bruce Evans b-evans at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 5 09:16:56 MST 2007

Robert E. Shlafer wrote:  "I just turned 65 10/25....Happy Birthdday fellow
Social Security/Medicare recipient."

Good grief, I didn't realize so many snot nosed little kids playing with
these cars.  Oh, they probably think they are the latest Tootsie Cars or
Hot Wheels (or is it Big Wheels) and they are in the Kiddie Club.  Oh,
well, hopefully they will enjoy their childhood, for they will grow up soon
enough, and I will be happy to welcome them to the Big Boys Club.  (mumble,
grumble...haven't even had to start taking money out of the IRAs or
SEPPS...mumble, grumble)

Buster Evans 

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