[Spridgets] Spridgets Digest, Vol 5, Issue 93

Robert Duquette robertduquette at sympatico.ca
Mon Nov 5 09:05:48 MST 2007

Why at your "feet"???  ;)

>From: "Robert Bruce Evans" <b-evans at earthlink.net>
>Frank Clarici wrote:  "The new MINI is already bigger than the old clubman
>or traveler."
>Robert B. Houston replied:  "So are we......"
>Speak for yourself, Robert, for we hard-bodied Chippendales must maintain a
>strict regimen of workouts, clean living,  and a healthy diet in order to
>maintain our sleek,  toned, buff  physiques that have women of the world
>throwing themselves at our feet!
>Buster Evan

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