[Spridgets] SOS '07 shop prep

Wm. Severin Thompson wsthompson at thicko.com
Mon Nov 5 06:39:01 MST 2007

Hey y'all,


We're getting the Thicko International Headquarters Shop whipped into shape
for the upcoming SOS '07.  This will be our 3rd winter at the Dream Farm. It
is a massive undertaking to get all the crap. I mean spares that I've
accumulated in my 37 years in this hobby. I could spend  2 solid weeks just
organizing engines, heads, cams, body parts, and other miscellaneous bits
over in the cold storage side of the shop. But for the meantime, the heated
shop is getting the attention. 


We'll have multiple impacts, air ratchets, toolboxes so no one need wait on
a tool to get something accomplished. If the usual 20+ folks show up each
day, we can break into groups of 4 or 5 to attack each project en masse. I
might ask that some of you bring a set of jackstands, or a Horrible Freight
aluminum jack if you can bring it with you.





Wm. Severin Thompson


 <mailto:wsthompson at thicko.com> wsthompson at thicko.com

 <http://www.thicko.com/> www.thicko.com

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