[Spridgets] fulcrum pin threads

Hal Faulkner hal at katemuir.com
Sun Nov 4 21:33:33 MST 2007

When I re-did the front end on FROG AYE I had a similar problem with a new
fulcrum pin.  The old one went in fine, but tne new one didn't work.  That
was when I still bought parts from the usual suspects.  Correct fulcrum pin
worked just fine, thank you.  Get it from, Ed, Peter, or Paul!


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> ...
> I thread the fulcrum pin into the a-arm and the small end threads
> bite and thread for about 1/16 an inch or so - seemingly until the
> large end starts to bite ...

That should have been typed as 3/16 not 1/16...

hal at katemuir.com

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