[Spridgets] Starter AND Heater

chuck cciaffone at verizon.net
Sun Nov 4 15:12:23 MST 2007

Down here in the sunny south (North Carolina) you definitely do NOT
want the heater in the circuit -- not in June, July, August, or September.
It's November now and I might like a bit of heat in the morning, but
by noon it's warm.

But you most certainly DO want the vents open and the fan running
in the summer months.

Imagine sitting at an interminable red light in the open sun at, say,
ninety-eight degrees, with no air movement and the sun frying
your brains. Did that the first year or two with the car, but now
I do the hose swap twice a year.


David Lieb wrote:
> We have days in July that I want to be able to run the heater, so my 
> tap stays on at all times and I just use the flaps, fan,  and air 
> control to compensate.
> David Lieb

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