[Spridgets] EFI a success!!

Glen Byrns grbyrns at ucdavis.edu
Sun Nov 4 11:26:53 MST 2007

Today was the day of reckoning.  With the fully charged laptop hooked up 
and set in the "Autotune" mode, I started the car, warmed it up and took 
off on a twenty mile tuning ride.  Working my way through the gears and 
RPM range, I kept one eye on the laptop screen and watched the software 
refine the "VE table" that controlled the mixture.  As I drove along the 
O2 sensor guage showed a better and better mixture until it was pretty 
much dead on.  There was no stutter or sag on acceleration, no lag or 
dying on decel, and a smooth idle.  I went up to 80MPH in 5th gear and 
even gave a small shot of boost at one point just to record the 
computer's response.  When the engine cools off I'll check the plugs.

I shot a video that gives a look at the business end and lets you hear 
the sound.  Maybe Ed will post it.

Here's the "final" setup for the turbo bugeye EFI project:
The injectors are Lucas 44/lb/hr 16ohm, the heat shield and FPR bracket 
are bits cut from a replaced aluminum panel from my wife's Morris woodie. 
(header wrap glued on other side) It protects the TPS from the exhaust 
manifold. The bracket and TB/turbo/injector head unit are homemade of 
mild steel with the MIG welder, drill press and grinder.
The injector seats are plumbing fittings and the connectors were snipped 
off a Volvo.  The gulp valve is original(to some car or another I'm sure).
The manifold pressure hose to the FPR is from my fish tank.
Fuel pump and FPR from MSD.
The fuel rail is welded bits of a junkyard car's rail($5),
The throttle body is from a junkyard Ford 1.9L Graylumpofcrap($20),
All this hodgepodge crapola working together....priceless.

Glen Byrns

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