[Spridgets] Parking now Marine Corps advice

Robert Bruce Evans b-evans at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 3 10:47:38 MST 2007

David Lieb wrote:  "Speaking of which, my son has now joined the Marines;
boot camp starts November 26th in San Diego. Any words of advice for him?"

No words of advice are needed for him, since the kindly, nice man at MCRD
who will be his DI will give him all the sound, sage, and comfortable
advice he needs.

Now, some advice for you.  Say goodbye to the little boy you have raised, 
for in a few weeks, be prepared to meet an entirely new MAN!  It can be a
very difficult realization!  

For him, if he is anything like me, the next four years will be the most
dynamic, character-building, and memorable period of any in his life!  No
matter how miserable he may be at times, when he gets out, and in the years
to come, he will look back with a little bit of, dare I say, fondness for
the experiences he had, the people he got to know, and especially the
friends you make when you share a common bond and a common time of misery. 
The friends I made 45 years ago remain my best friends (and I will host at
a reunion in February or March).

But, PLEASE, give him my congratulations and gratitude.  And when you come
out here for his graduation, you bloody well better plan to stay a few
nights with us, for we are right down the road!  (And tell him that our
house is his house when he has liberty!)

Buster Evan

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