[Spridgets] Lucas side entry cap

Brad Fornal tequila.brad at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 02:31:55 MST 2007

Dave, I wanted to thank you for your kindness in being willing to send
me one of your caps. ANY parts for our cars, are difficult to find,
and your offer to send one of your caps, shows how great a person you
must be.
"I", on the other hand, am a pain in the ASS (if you don't believe me,
just watch how many times Ed bitches about something I post!! LOL)
Here I am, seeking out original Lucas parts, with NO intent of heading
for concourse judging, or even going to a show. Well, I may attend
those "special" shows, on Manana Drive in Dallas, during the summer.
You know the ones, where you pay $20 to enter your car, and they offer
live nude models to pose with your car, for an additional fee. That
would blow the photo of our car with the Hooters girls all to hell!!!
They do this in the parking lot, so even if you don't take your car,
and just go to the car show, it can be an interesting event.
Anyway, I digress. Originally, I used to take my car to small shows,
but realized what a waste of driving time it was. I came to understand
(much to Ed's disgust) that I don't NEED AHCUSA, or any other club, or
a car show, to justify my love of the Sprites. Frank, you love Sprites
and Midgets more than anyone else I know, what club are you in, if you
don't mind my asking?
The ONLY club I am a member of, are these two right here online. I
KNOW there are Big Healey owners around me, within 15 miles of me, no
less. But NONE of them are a outgoing as you guys.
10 years ago, I met an owner of a BT7 tri-carb car. He was not driving
the car, because the rear brake shoes were locked into the drum. I
offered to help him, even help locate the drum. And once said drum was
in our possession, I would chisel the old drum off, free up the inner
issues with the brakes, and get this damn thing back on the road. All
I wanted to payment, was a ride in the car. The owner tells me "I'll
call you".
That was 10 YEARS ago, and I STILL have not gotten that call. Now, I
know he has not lost my #, as he has called to give me an original
Bugeye owners manual he had purchase decades ago, in his hope to
obtain the car to go with it at a later time. He has called me to come
out and trouble shoot his MGB. But to get his BT7, no calls out that
car yet.
Those Big Healey owners, they are the ones that make you go, hmmmmm....

Thank you again Dave, you are most kind.


On 11/2/07, Dave G. <dmg at bossig.com> wrote:
> Brad,
> I have several black side entry caps that are in very good condition.
> I think they would pass 'Concours' judging.
> As my grand-daughter would say "Shiney!"
> One of them came in a box with the
> "Commercial Ignition, Commercial Road.... England"
> And the ID "XD65 Distributor Cap, INTR.44720"
> Hand marked (in ink) on a tab is 'Midget'73'
> They have the locating notches and the semi-circular 'cut-out' for the
> vacuum unit.
> No Brown patina showing.
> I would be please to send you one if you wish...
> -
> Dave G, KK7SS
> '65 MKIII Sprite, Richland, WA


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