[Spridgets] Please define idiot...

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Hopefully you had enough adult beverages to properly enjoy such a spectacle.


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I agree that the stuff here is slicker than pig snot, but not every idiot on
the road is a first time snow driver in the PACNW.  I managed just fine last
winter with winter tires on my wife's Passat and chains on my S10.  The only
thing I could not do was get my truck up the mountain that I live on, so I
would have to walk the last mile.  I could make if there was nobody else
stuck on the hill, but that is almost never happened.  I can't stop  my
truck on the hill then get started again.  My wife's car can do that with
winter tires.

Still I see way more stupid in the snow out here than in NJ; you would think
the locals could find a way to drive without plunging into the ditches.  It
was way funny watching people try to get up my mountain last year; I stood
there for an hour and just laughed as people made the attempt.  I wound up
betting with some guy if each car would get up the hill or not.  In the end
there was a group of betting on if the cars could get up the hill and what
they would hit when they started to slide back down.


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