[Spridgets] BMC Quality control

Frank Clarici spritenut at comcast.net
Thu Dec 13 19:38:26 MST 2007

While assembling the 67 front end for fit before body work, I find the 
right fender way short of the bonnet lip. It was not hit in that spot.
So all the adjusting in the world will not make ends meet.
So I measured each fender to find the right side 3/8" SHORTER than the 
bonnet and left fender.
I know big Healey fenders are not even close if you lay them back to 
back but I thought they got it a little closer on the Sprites.
The bonnet measures 48-5/8" at the fender lip on each side, as does the 
lip of the left fender. So how come the right fender measures 48-1/8" ?
Tomorrow I take a BFH to the fender or maybe see what the port-o-power 
can do.
At least I have the underside and engine bay painted. The doors fit 
perfect, but the front end looks like a nightmare.
Frank Clarici
Toms River, NJ

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