[Spridgets] I'll stir the pot up (no LBC)

Robert Duquette robertduquette at sympatico.ca
Wed Dec 12 09:23:08 MST 2007

It's not too much different here in the land of ice and snow.  If someone 
spits on the street there's mayhem.

Robert D.
Ottawa ON Canada

>Anyway, whenever Southern California gets snow like that, or even a little
>rain, drivers go berserk and are all elbows and assholes on the streets and
>freeways!  It's "bodyshop weather"!  First, nobody out here knows how to
>drive in rain, and second, the infrequency of rain lets the oil settle in
>the roadway.  When rain does come, the oil which has never had a chance to
>wash away, just floats up and makes matters worse.

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