[Spridgets] Anger as fines from speed cameras soar (David Lieb)

Sam H snhochberg at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 17:56:10 MST 2007

On a related note....

I once got a late notice in the mail regarding a parking ticket I'd
supposedly gotten on my Sprite on the South Side of Chicago, 7700 South
Something-Or-Other Street.

In a fit of naive yet sincere honesty, I wrote them back, saying that: A.
I'd never been that far on the South Side in my life, and B. I certainly
wouldn't have driven the Sprite there!

And they believed me and discarded the ticket! They had simply transcribed
the license plate incorrectly.

And on another tangent (threadjack alert), as an occasional lurker who's
never posted before (and not even sure this is gonna work) but subscribes in
digest form, maybe someone can tell me why, for the last month or three,
instead of one daily digest, I now get several daily? I know there was a
change to the system lately...just curious.

Oh, and I suppose, while I'm de-lurking, I'll brag that this summer, thanks
to a move into a larger garage (with an attached house), I was finally able
to achieve a long-time goal - to go an entire summer without putting the top
up on either of the toys - the '73 911 Targa or the Sprite. Well, I
lied...there was that one day, on the way home from the AHCA autocross in
the western Chicago 'burbs, when it started raining hard, really, really

And in another bold, unabashed attempt at getting even more off-topic,
what's a feasible wheel/tire size for a set of Minilites that will fit a
sqarebody (square wheel arch) Sprite? In case my Most Excellent Wife needs
me to drop a few more Xmas gift hints?

Here's some pics of the car, from a Chicagoland BCU show right after the
This past year, at the same show, we were just pulling out when, over the
PA, we heard our name called...we'd won the "Diamond In The Rough" award. So
my last question is...was that a compliment?

...Sam Hochberg
Already in the throes of severe cabin fever and sports-car withdrawal
'68 Sprite

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