[Mini] Knuckle joint cups

John Lieberman jlieberman37 at comcast.net
Wed Sep 23 17:20:18 MDT 2020

Any down and dirty tricks for removing the Nylon knuckle joint cup from 
the rear radius arm when the hole into which it fits has rusted 
internally?  I changed out the entire right-hand side rear suspension on 
my '81 last weekend and it took me almost three hours just to get that 
stupid cup out of the arm -- plus another hour or so to remove the 
rubber cone spring which had seized itself to the Adjust-a-Ride 
trumpet.  There's got to be a quicker way to do it.

Before I attack the left-hand side, after I drain and remove the fuel 
tank, I'd like to see of there's an easier way to remove that Nylon cup 
from the radius arm.  I'm thinking maybe I could hit it with a heat gun, 
on a low or mid setting to keep from melting it, in order to make it 
more pliable.  Then I might be able to wedge a small screwdriver between 
the cup and the arm hole in several places.  That would give me enough 
room to spray some penetrant into those areas to, hopefully, dissolve 
some of the rust before I start trying to pull and pry it out.

Your thoughts?!?


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