[Mini] Mini fun: lambda sensor conversion to a 52mm LED gauge

Dr John C Bullas john.bullas at gmail.com
Mon Feb 26 13:30:17 MST 2018

Ok, here is the story: because it was way cheaper than any other lambda
sensor controller I have come across, and way way smaller, I invested in an
APSX lambda controller card

now this device is blind and needs an output to drive so you can see the
state of tune in terms of lambda or AFR

Now the device output 0-5v and I need to reduce this to 0-1v and invert it
to use one of the cheaper 52mm AFR gauges

5v to 1v I have done with resistors HOWEVER I need to INVERT the 0-1v
analogue output to make it 1-0v analogue.


Can any of you electronics gurus provide me with a recipe to create a
veroboard project to do this conversion either from 0-5v to 1-0v or as

I was looking at the National CD4049UB but I'm not sure if it will be the
right device to do the work? Do I need to look at a meatier
transistor-based solution?

Any suggestions most appreciated!


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