[Mini] Mini MOT retest.....

Dr John C Bullas john.bullas at gmail.com
Wed Sep 27 16:21:44 MDT 2017


In the past I have left the superior abrasive properties of tyre tread to
remove and fibreglass drop front fouling the tyres...

however my MOT tester did not want the job to be trusted to Mssrs Yokohama
so had to lift the front edge of the arches and trim the edge of the front
back on both sides!

After doing all the wheel nuts up and replacing a rear cylinder (cylinder
removed replaced and bled in 15 minutes, 20  minutes to fit the f***ing
lock washer), the only other failure was on some play between the steering
wheel and the column.

Now I have a quick release steering wheel to emulate Mr Bean and to make it
easier to get into the car due to the "snug" bucket seat harnesses and a
door bar, the play was in the splines twixt the boss and the shaft, not a
lot of play but the MOT death-knell "klonk".... cured with a few turns of
PTFE tape to take up the slack...

Oh, and the wiper blade actually missing the flip flop rubber edge..... two
blades B#12

Just need to fasten the seat (just one seat in the car) down tightly and
get 10 litres of superplus unleaded in the tank!

Fingers crossed, my MOT tester does not do free retests, he does 1/2 price
retests BUT he actually checks the work you have done and will not RETEST
if it is going to fail.......nice as you only get one bite of the cherry.

Once #9 is home I can get on with applying the door squares, fitting a
passenger seat and intercom and getting my LED equipped lamp-pod fitted

There are a few other jobs like the STACK inspired LCD instrument display,
the stepper motor powered speedometer and pickup and the 500amp ammeter



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