[Mini] Body stripping

Mike Rambour lists at dinospider.com
Tue Jul 4 15:17:45 MDT 2017

 Ok, next question, anyone know of a place to get a Austin Mini Cooper body
stripped down to bare metal ? In S. CALIF. ???

 I had a sandblaster guy lined up in town to sandblast the mini body, he was
going to sandblast the majority of the under body and inside, then soda blast
the actual outside of the body due to possible warping with sand.  But he has
gone non-responsive on me and my son-in-law wants the car done a few weeks
ago.  We had a big fight, he did cut the front end off, so its just a simple
small body shell now, easy to transport.

  We have the outside of the body 80% or more down to bare metal and getting
all the edges, seams, etc. are a pain to get cleaned up, then inside there is
not a flat surface to sand/grind/paint_remover/etc. so its time to send it out
to blast.  Or dipped but I think dipped will be too expensive for him, for the
sake of family I might help him with the cost of dipping, I want him and the
car out of my life.  He wants this once perfect rust free car down to bare

 So, anyone know a place in S. Calif. ? we are located in Santa Barbara and I
canbt seem to find anyone here in town.

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