[Mini] Wanted UK: -- H1 spotlight bowls and lenses / h4 bowls and lenses

Dr John C Bullas john.bullas at gmail.com
Sat Nov 21 04:04:20 MST 2015


I have just imported some assessment samples of LED conversions for H4
(hi/lo sealed beam conversions) & H1 spotlights, they are the real McCoy
having inline transformers/controllers rather than simply like-for-like
swaps of the elements

The spotlight replacements are 1800 lumens (approx 112w)  drawing 20w

The headlamp conversions are 3600 lumens total (approx 200w) drawing 36w

What I am looking for are several H1 spotlight bowls and lenses / h4 bowls
and lenses to try these out in side-by-side with existing lighting


Have you anything I could use? I can arrange courier labels so as you don't
have the faff of posting them...


Dr B a.k.a. "Fatbloke"


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