[Mini] Parts Manual

Ian D. Ross irdesigns at vision.net.au
Wed Jun 30 00:29:00 MDT 2010

Hello Larry,

I have an original BMC Australia February 1965 Parts Catalogue, a 
1966 BMC UK Workshop Manual, and a 1969 BMC Australia Workshop Manual 
with Australian model supplement, am and in need of a 1966 Cooper S! 
Perhaps we can go halves ;-)

Seriously, If there is specific information you are looking for that 
I can scan and email to you, let me know.  I have scanned info from 
it over the past decade or so for other Minilist members. I have 
thought about scanning the Parts Manual some day, but its about 
2.5kgs and 400 + pages so not a lightweight undertaking.



>I have a 1966 Cooper S and am in need of a parts manual. The only one I can
>find at the moment is for sale at $90 usd on eBay. It would be nice to find
>one that is a little less expensive. Any ideas?
>Larry Miller
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