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For information... Vandervell is not dead!!!

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Hello John,

Yes, we do still make the heavy duty Vandervell bearings, but they are now
branded differently. When MAHLE bought us a few years ago they insisted
that everything must be branded as MAHLE so we had to drop the Vandervell
name. I was concerned that we would be lost within the MAHLE organisation
which is why we discreetly set up the Vandervell website "on the side". I
don't think MAHLE know about it yet.

Anyway, we have just started reproducing the mini bearings for the 998cc
and 1275cc engines and they are made here in the UK. We now laser mark the
ID on the bearing back rather than stamp it as the stamping tends to
impair the transfer of heat from the bearing to the housing. This is
something we have taken from our race bearing experience and we decided to
offer it as an extra benefit over anyone else trying to make Mini
bearings. Other than the laser marking the bearings will be just the same,
if not better, than the original Vandervell sets. The new parts have a
cast lead-bronze substrate and a lead-indium overlay and the part numbers
are as follows:

Big end bearings: Set number VC1003, individual part number VP8004.
Main bearings: Set number VM1004, individual part number VP8005.
Main bearing with plain lower half: Set number VM1005, individual part
numbers VP8005 and VP8006.

Big end bearings: Set number VC1017, individual part number VP8019.
Main bearings: Set number VM1018, individual part number VP8020.

They are supplied in a MAHLE Motorsport box as shown on our website but
they still have the VP logo laser marked on the back. We have already
supplied the 1275cc sets into our aftermarket and the 998cc bearings are
being manufactured right now.

Let me know if you need some and I will find out where you can buy them.

Kind Regards

Allen Graham
MAHLE Engine Systems UK Ltd.
Applications Engineer / Account Manager (Race Unit)

4 Inchmuir Road, Whitehill Industrial Estate, Bathgate EH48 2EP West
Lothian, Great Britain
allen.graham at gb.mahle.com, http://www.mahle.com

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Dr J C Bullas
Email Address
john.bullas at gmail.com
07946 317 467
Do you still supply the "tougher Vandervell bearings" I was advised to buy
(and bought) 8 years ago (and still going strong) when I built my 105bhp
(@ fly) 1330 A Series lump??? Kind Regards DR B Webmaster

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