[Mgs] how to mount radiator

dave northrup dave at ranteer.com
Mon Mar 20 18:43:09 MDT 2023

We are moving forward, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, on our 59 MGAB (MGA with an MGB engine and a 5 speed transmission conversion).  Hoping to make NAMGAR in June in Memphis.

The engine and transmission are finally in, but the body is still separate.  I'd like to run the engine a little before we put the body back on because access, etc., is much easier.

Anyone have a trick to mount the radiator so I can do this?  I could bend some steel and make a rough frame I think.

or should I just take out the thermostat and hook up a hose to the pump inlet and just run water through it while it runs?

And yes, I know I need to install the valve cover!
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